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100% instant commissions on my popular product

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I’ve been asked several times if I have an affiliate program for so Ive decided to finally set one up.

Click here to sign up.

I’m offering 100% INSTANT COMMISSIONS on the price of $9.

This is one of my best converting products. I don’t even actively promote it as the only exposure it gets is through the signature in my email and the banner ad on my download pages.

If you aren’t familiar with, the sales funnel works like this:

Customer opts in for free gift on squeeze page and is then presented with a one time offer.

The free gift is PLR to a 100+ page report that shows 100 different strategies for all types of people on how to make money online.

The One Time Offer is PLR to a report teaching how to start an online business if you only have $5.

Click here to promote.

I am using DigiResults to host this affiliate program.

The great thing about DigiResults is that the affiliate cookies in DigiResults are vendor-wide.

That means if you send a customer to my offer, you’ll also get credit for any other products that customer buys from me through DigiResults. (I plan to add more high converting products on DigiResults)

To sign up, simply click here.

2 responses on “100% instant commissions on my popular product

  1. Melanie says:

    I just signed up for your e-bay videos. when it took me to the sign in page it failed to send my password.
    I entered my email instead and asked for a password reminder. This all happened in the same window.
    When I opened my email to get the password, the original window was gone. Can you email the link to me so that I can receive the videos. Thanks

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