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21 June 2013
Comments 4

What is great about PLR is that there are so many ways to make money with it and I’m always learning of new strategies even though I’ve been making money with PLR for a long time.

Here is an interesting method used by one of Tony Shepherd’s former clients to make $7000 per month.

I got permission from Tony to copy this from his recent newsletter:

“So here’s how he’s making around $7,000 a month currently… He buys good quality PLR on certain internet marketing related subjects – SPECIFICALLY tutorials such as how to install a WordPress Blog, how to send follow up and broadcast messages in the various autoresponders, how to make banners with Photoshop or GIMP, how to use Camtasia etc etc…

and he rebrands them with his own name and information.  Usually there’s not much work to do – he’s happy if the PLR is in the format of videos or PDF’s with screenshots.  Doesn’t matter as long as the instructions are clear.

So he ends up with a full library of tutorials about how to do relatively basic stuff online. The sort of things that we’ve all had to learn how to do but seems difficult when you first come across it.

And he sells it BUT here’s the twist.  He doesn’t try to sell it to internet marketers or newbies…

…he’s set up a private member’s site aimed at people who hire outsource workers. For a small fee you can get a membership to this site so you can send your new outsourcers there to get any training you need them to have.

Now most outsourcers you’ll hire already have an existing skillset. They might (for example) be able to build a simple squeeze page, and link it to an upsell page via an Aweber form BUT you then might send them over a dozen follow-up messages to put into the sequence to be sent at various intervals… …and they just don’t know how to do it.

Rather than spend your valuable time on Skype telling them what to do, you can just send them over to my guy’s site under your login and they’ll select the correct training for what you need them to know If you need your VA to learn quickly how to create a cloaked affiliate link, or put clickable links onto your YouTube vids, or create a custom 404 page or install a plugin or upload your videos to Amazon S3…..

…well you get the picture – you just send them over to access the training. The list of tutorials is growing by the day, and he tells me he’s bringing in over $7,000 a month already in membership fees.  Just shows what you can do with good quality PLR if you get creative eh? Kinda starts the old brainbox churning…”


I thought that was a great case study and hopefully it inspires you to do something with all the PLR sitting on your hard drive if you haven’t already done anything with them.

In return for getting his permission to post this case study, I promised Tony I’d provide a link to his monthly private newsletter.

Click here to check it out.

I highly recommend you check it out because his newsletters not only contain one of the best internet marketing advice, but are fun to read.

(His emails are one of the only ones I read these days)

Here is the link again to Tony’s monthly newsletter registration page:


Peace and Love,

Francis Ochoco


4 responses on “$7000 Per Month PLR Case Study

  1. Hi Francis,
    I found this to be a helpful post.I will be sure to check out Tony’s newsletter.


  2. Mk akan says:

    Tony is a great. His emails are so rivetting. He sells in all of it but i cant get enough of it. Am working on a membership similar to this.

  3. Ley says:

    Dear Francis,
    Thanks to share this case study, this sounds very interesting and out of the bx way to make PLR work to make money.

    I will visit the newsletter.

  4. Kevin says:

    Nice post. Membership sites can be very lucrative especially when you provide for a specialised niche.

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