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Case study: $20k in 7 days reselling PLR

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4 August 2012
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One great way to make money with PLR is to bundle a group of similar PLR products together.

Last week, Aigul and Bertus teamed up to launch a bundle of similar products that they had previously bought PLR to.

Over a 7 day period, they managed to rake in over $20,000 in sales and added over 900 buyers to their list.

(You can see the offer by clicking here)

How was this accomplished?

First of all, the offer they put together was irresistible. (They bundled over 30 good quality WordPress plugins.)

And with a great offer, they then approached several big name gurus to promote it and offered a 7 day affiliate contest as an incentive to promote.

There were also many other affiliates who jumped on board because this offer was listed on

They used a dime sale format on the sales letter to give a real sense of urgency for customers to buy.

All this combined for excellent results.

So what is the main lesson learned from all this?

…That using JV partners and affiliates can be a very powerful thing.

If you would like to get big name marketers to promote your products in the future, make sure to sign up on their lists first.

You can then later compliment them on their products and try to develop a relationship with them.

It would then be much easier down the road to ask them to promote your products.

Of course, it goes without saying that your product must be good quality.

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

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