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Creating a marketing funnel with your PLR products

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With the huge amount of PLR out there, it’s so easy to get started in multiple markets at the same time.

But before you decide to go wide (marketing in several markets), you should focus first on going deep (build a product funnel) in your first market.

With that said, here are some tips on creating a profitable market funnel.

On the front end, you should try to sell to the customer 3 different times:


The first product should be a low priced ($5 to $9) product so you can bring in as many people as you can into your funnel. (Of course, you can also offer a free product)

Most people will just not buy a high priced item from you if they don’t know you that well.

This product must be of high value otherwise people won’t buy from you again.

It doesn’t have to be a huge course because the truth is, most people won’t have the time to go through a large course and therefore won’t get much value out of it.

So just focus on solving a single problem.

Thus, a simple ebook should suffice.


The second front end product can be an upgrade.

When people opt in or buy your low priced product, offer them an upgrade. In this example, it can be an audio version of your ebook (price this at just a couple of dollars higher than the ebook if it wasn’t free). You can also give them another option of upgrading to both a video and audio version (you can price this at double of the original ebook).

To make this strategy more effective, the second product should be offered before the customer has paid for the first product. For this, you can use the 1-click upsell feature of Clickbank.


The third product can be offered after the customer has paid for the first 2 products.

Immediately after paying, offer them another product on the download page.

If you can, I recommend you create a membership site which you can offer your new customers a $1 free 7 day trial (and then $14 to $19 per month afterwards).

In the back end, you will want to offer several more products.

I don’t have time to explain all the different types of products you can offer so I will just list them here for your convenience:


-offer them the 3rd front end product again just in case they changed their mind after seeing how much value is in your products

-home study course ($197)

-ecourse ($97/month or $197)

-coaching ($250 to $500 per hour for personal coaching and $997 to $1997 per year for group coaching)

-live seminar ($497 to $10,000)

-related products of your own

-affiliate products

-PLR products

Lastly, I recommend that you create multiple front end funnels leading into your back end.

Once you have a highly profitable marketing funnel, you can afford to spend money on traffic to your site.

Peace and love,
Francis Ochoco

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