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Do adswaps work?

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Depending on who you talk to, adswaps either are ineffective or are a great list building method.

From my own personal experience, they have have been instrumental in building my business.

If you don’t know what an adswap is, it is where 2 marketers promote each other’s products to their lists. Usually, it is a free product that they promote so that people will have to opt in to receive their free gift and thus build the marketers’ subscriber lists.

I use adswaps for 4 reasons:

Reason 1 – To build my list.

Reason 2 – For cash flow. (I get cash flow by placing a One Time Offer after my squeeze page.)

Reason 3 – So I know what my subscribers like. If they don’t respond well to a free gift, then I know not to promote an affiliate product on a similar topic.

Reason 4 – If done properly, you can build a stronger relationship with your subscribers because you are giving them free gifts and you are staying in constant contact with them so they don’t forget you.

Of course, if you over mail your list, people will unsubscribe and you will simply burn out your list.

So you have to find the right balance.

And if you send your list poor quality products, they will lose trust in you.

Therefore, I only do adswaps with marketers who have good quality products that are on a topic that I know my subscribers will love.

For example, the majority of my subscribers are interested in PLR so if a marketer approaches me about doing an adswap and his product is related to PLR and is good quality, I will do an adswap with him/her.

So here is one big tip for you if you plan on doing adswaps.

Actually, it should be obvious but the majority of adswappers don’t do this.


I approach adswaps the same way I approach affiliate marketing. I only promote products that are good quality and that I know my subscribers will love or benefit from.

This blog post is getting long so I will write more about adswaps in another post (or possibly in a book).

In the meantime, if you are interested in doing adswaps, I recommend you check out this site I use for finding adswap partners.

Here are some reasons why I only use this site for finding adswap partners:

—-You can easily review potential adswap partners’ products before agreeing to swap with them.

—-There is a ratings system similar to eBay so that you can see how many positive reviews someone has and you can read comments left by other members.

—-You can see each member’s list size and average clicks.

—-It includes a calendar that shows what days you have adswaps booked and with whom. This makes it easier to manage your email schedule and business.

—-People who want to adswap with you can directly choose the available dates on your calendar (this saves you the time of always telling partners what dates you have open).

—-There are plenty of other great features of this site but again, this blog post is getting pretty long so I have to cut it short.

Click here to check out this site that I have been a member of since it first opened (over a year ago).

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

One response on “Do adswaps work?

  1. Thanks Francis. I’ve also found that it’s essential to give your list links to relevant good quality offers with Ad Swaps. Another tip I’d pass on is: when you’re looking for partners to swap with, look at the click through rate, not the list size!

    Some people swapping ads are obviously burning through their list with low quality irrelevant offers. What use is say a 10,000 list if you only have a 0.5% click through rate? A product on Ad Swapping the right way would help a lot of people.


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