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Get instant traffic by combining PPV with PLR

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Ever since finding out that Charles Kirkland was able to quickly (and cheaply) build a list of 46,000 subscribers using instant PPV traffic, I’ve been interested in learning more about this traffic strategy.

As I learn more about instant PPV traffic, I’m finding how important PLR is for this traffic strategy.

Why is PLR important for this strategy?

Because the main strategy of using PPV traffic is to find the traffic first and then create the product to match that traffic. (Most people make the mistake of creating the product first and then looking for traffic)

Speed of implementation is important so as soon as you find out where the hot traffic is, you can quickly grab one of your PLR products that matches that traffic.

The downside of PPV traffic is that it will only work for mainstream offers such as‘make money’, ‘health’, ‘dating tips’, etc. If you have a product in a small niche, PPV may not work for you.

If PPV traffic is something you’d like to learn more about, you can get Charles Kirkland’s PPV course by clicking here.

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

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