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How to resell plr without editing them

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Don’t have the time to edit PLR products?

Well, here’s a way to resell PLR products without having to make any changes to them.

(But first, in order for this method to work, the PLR product must actually be great quality.)

Basically, what you do is this:

Tell your subscribers, blog readers, customers, etc. that you liked this product so much that you bought the rights to it.

For example, if the product is a video tutorial, you can say, “I liked this video tutorial so much that I bought the resell license for it. You can check it out here…”

So, you are basically using the angle that you were first a customer of the product and are now recommending it to your audience.

You can even provide a quick summary or review of the product.

And the better the quality of the product, the better your review of the product will be.

Another benefit of reviewing the product is that you might learn something new that will help you or your business. (In other words, you are educating yourself at the same time)

So make sure to buy and resell PLR products on topics that you are interested in or that you feel will help your business.

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

13 responses on “How to resell plr without editing them

  1. martin says:

    good thoughts Francis, you are suggesting exactly what
    I do myself, and have found it to be very beneficial for all.
    thanks for your imput

  2. That sounds like a great idea. Saves so much time. You are honest…which is appreciated by you subscribers. Don’t think you can do it for the 5,000 items sitting on your hard drive…lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent idea. I hadn’t thought of using plr in quite this way.

    This definitely takes away the concern about using plr as is without any changes. On top of that, you can use the time you would have spent editing the content to work on another aspect of your business.

  4. Hi Francis, You never fail to give helpful advice. I have never done this but it sounds absolutely brilliant. Look forward to giving this a try.
    Hyacinth -:)

  5. Ken Damon says:


    You say “(But first, in order for this method to work, the PLR product must actually be great quality.)”.

    Is getting “great quality” PLR always going to be a hit or miss or are there ways to judge before purchasing?

    And just to be clear you do mean doing absolutely nothing but set up the download page because these are existing customers?

    Sorry for the questions I am new to your list and you are the first to suggest this to me.


    • francis says:

      Hi Ken,

      I usually can sense that a PLR product is good quality if I know the creator has experience in the topic he is selling PLR to.

      For example, if the guy selling PLR to his book on affiliate marketing is a well known successful affiliate marketer, then obviously his book is going to contain real tips and not just theory.

      Also, if the product was sold previously without plr and was successful, then I’m pretty confident of its quality.

      But if you go to the Warrior Forum and view special offers, there are many members selling PLR. The great thing about this forum is that other members will leave reviews of the product being sold.

      There are also some people I buy PLR from regularly as they consistently put out good PLR. These people are Liz Tomey, Paul Counts, and some others I just can’t remember right now.

      To answer your second question, that is right, all you have to is set up the download page and sales page (if the PLR product included one).

      You can promote the PLR to your list, blog readers, customers of your other products, etc.


  6. Amy says:

    Hi Francis,

    Thanks, your idea is simply amazing …. this is something new to me. I will put it into practice .

  7. Sam Golden says:

    Hello Francis
    I’am new to your site and PLR your information is priceless and i begun to implement alot of your ideas I look forward to more of your tips and Information
    Thank You !

  8. I must say that you made some good details there. I did a search about the matter and found numerous people that would definitely agree with your current Article

  9. Kool advice Francis one for me to remember

  10. Kevin says:

    This is a great way to learn and earn. Thanks for sharing.

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