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How to turn a not-so-great PLR product into a great one

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I’m sure you have plenty of PLR books that are good or average.

But many of them are not good enough that you can confidently tell your customers it’s the ‘hottest thing right now’ (and that they must get it) because it simply isn’t.

So I’d like to share with you how to make a hot product out of a decent PLR product.

You simply buy a product that teaches the latest strategy or tip or advice in your niche and then you write about that strategy/tip/advice in your own words. (If you don’t want to spend any money, you can do research in forums.)

Preferably, the content you write in your own words should at least be one page long.

You then take one of your not-so-great PLR books that’s sitting on your hard drive and add your own content as a new chapter or section to that PLR content.

And presto! You now have a UNIQUE new product with a completely new angle to market from.

If it’s a diet related book, you now have a book selling the latest diet fad.

If it’s an internet marketing book, you now have a book selling the latest internet marketing strategies. (If there is a lot of buzz around a certain course, you can even say in your ads, ‘why pay $100 for XXXXX course when you can this book which teaches the exact same strategy for only $10?’)

Armed with the knowledge you got from researching and writing the new section yourself, you will be able to write a better salesletter. If you don’t like to write salesletters, simply shoot a video explaining what the book is about. (No hype is needed, just emphasize the benefits and why they should get it)

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

P.S. You could apply this strategy to PLR videos as well.

6 responses on “How to turn a not-so-great PLR product into a great one

  1. Henry says:

    Hi Francis,

    this is a nice article on PLR. what I like most here is your advise. Keep it up and keep it coming.

  2. I like the idea of adding a chapter, but if the rest of the eBook is average and written in a different voice you’d want to take a quick look through and “tweak” it at the very least.

    I find that many writers are too wordy for me, so a lot of cutting needs to be done. It helps to clean up the grammar and simplify things.

    Another option is the new chapter could just be released as a report by itself, with the PLR serving as inspiration.

  3. Oh Frank,
    I must first say I really enjoy your advice…. usually
    but come on, ther is nothing worse than getting a book with a new title, cover and then getting to chapter 2 only to find it is that same old rubbish you already have 5 different versions on.

    Yes, PLR is great for contentBUT only if each person brings to it their own experiences and thoughts to it, not to just the first chapter but the whole book/report.

    That is just being lazy, I think you had a little bit of an abberation there, you are normally right on the button.

  4. Ryan says:

    I agree with Bill. I think it would take more editing then just adding the new chapter. Good thoughts and I suppose it could work on the right e-book, but in general probably not the best solution. Thanks for sharing though.

    • francis says:

      Thanks for your input guys. If there is anything to take from this blog post, it is to infuse new information (that you got from your research) into your PLR products to spice them up a bit.

      It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of just 1 chapter.

      Whether or not you should make changes to the rest of the PLR content is up to you (although I highly recommend you do some editing as you see fit), but surely this strategy will allow you to market your PLR products better and thus make more sales.

  5. Good one Francis. With so much PLR garbage out there, it’s practically a necessity to rewrite it, so you might as well add a new chapter or two while you’re at it. The more unique the content is, the better, right?


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