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Is A 4 Hour Work Week Really Possible?

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20 February 2013
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I read the book, ‘4 Hour Work Week’, last year and although I thought it was a great book, I didn’t fully believe the author’s claim that he was only working 4 hours per week while making $40k per month.

(If you’re not familiar with the book, the author was burned out from his business and decided to travel for several months and ignore his business.  Thinking his business would crash, he was shocked to discover upon arriving home that his business was thriving and thus realized he only had to work a few hours per week.)

Nowadays, I strongly believe in the author’s claims and in the book’s principles.

This is because for the past couple of months, I have cut the amount of time I spend in my business by more than half and yet my income has increased substantially.

Just like in the book, this all happened to me by accident and I also thought my business was going to suffer by me spending less time in my business.

Let me explain…

My wife started going to school full time in January 2013 as part of an intense 14 month program.

That left me as the main care giver for my 2 kids (a baby and a 3 year old).

The month before (December 2012), I was preparing for a drop in my income as I would be spending less time in my business and more time taking care of my kids.

I decided to just focus on only one main task per day in my business.

And remarkably, this has resulted in an increase in my income.

This sort of reminds me of a part in that book that said if you had a gun to your head and was forced to cut back on your work without lowering your income you would be able to do it.  (My memory is foggy but I think it said something to that effect.)

If there is anything to learn from this experience, simplifying your business and only focusing on a couple of tasks or strategies can actually be good for your business.

Simplifying your business can also be good for you health wise and spiritually as it will clear up your mind (less stress) and slow your day down (be able to enjoy the present and not always live in the future).

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

One response on “Is A 4 Hour Work Week Really Possible?

  1. Arun says:

    ‘4 Hour Work Week’ was the inspiration for me to start as a freelancer web designer..No more regular jobs pls. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

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