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My review of ‘Millionaire Mentor 2011’

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If you are subscribed to other marketers’ lists, you may have been getting a lot of emails recently promoting Mike Cheney’s latest course, ‘Millionaire Mentor 2011’.

Because I am an info junkie and the fact that Mike has produced excellent products in the past, I decided to invest in his $37 course.

(In my mind, if I could just get one little nugget of information that makes me an extra $1000 or $100,000, it will be worth it)

Due to time constraints, I haven’t finished going through the whole course yet, but here is my quick review for those of you who are on the fence.

Looking through it, it is certainly not like the crappy products that have been launched recently by other marketers.

In this course, it looks as if he didn’t hold back anything on how he made over 5 Million dollars online.

It is broken down into 8 modules, each teaching strategies he taught in his $2000 coaching program.

Each module contains the following:

-1 audio
-1 mind map outlining what he covered in the audio
-1 transcript of the audio
-a personal mentoring video where he shares more tips on how he became a millionaire

Each module also contains case studies.

Because his audios are about 30 minutes in length (possibly longer), I looked at the mind maps instead to save time. Some people may prefer to listen to the audios, but if you’re short on time, look at his mind maps first so you can get a quick bird’s eye view of his strategies. If you are interested in learning more about a certain strategy, then listen to the audio for that strategy or read his transcript when you have time.

His mind maps are very detailed so I learned a lot just by quickly looking over them.

So was the $37 I paid worth it? My answer is ‘YES’. I would’ve gladly paid $197 for this information.

Again, I don’t think he left any stone unturned.

For more info, click here.

Full disclosure: If you buy through my referral link above, I will get paid commissions.

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