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PLR Case Study: $350k In PASSIVE Income

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23 August 2013
Comments 2

Here is another great case study I got from Tony Shepherd.

With his permission, I’ve pasted the case study from his email below:

Case study:

Here’s a case study of a passive income stream that very few people are doing at the moment.

We first shared this a few months back with our ‘Entrepz’ readers who are following our adventures
into producing Android apps.

(don’t worry this income stream is now do-able by anyone even though it involves apps, it’s pretty easy as you’ll find out at the bottom of this email)

…Anyway so there’s this one particular bloke who’s making an absolute KILLING doing using the following simple technique:

1. He gets an ebook (buys PLR or writes it himself)

2. He puts it inside an Android app

3. He prices it at around £.80 GBP (around $1.40)
per download

4. He put it on the Android app marketplace

Now here’s the BIG bit:

From looking at his stats (anyone can view these) he’s produced OVER 1000 of these apps, with most
having between 500-1000 installs (i.e. purchases)

When you start to work out those numbers it gets VERY interesting indeed.

Let’s work on the lowest number and say only 500 apps were downloaded 500 times at £.85p a go.

That’s 500 x 500 x £.0.85 which works out to be…

£212,500 or around $343,099

That’s BIG money from turning ebooks into apps.

The subjects range from anger management to a guide to antique collecting so you can see that
there’s both a wide diversity of ebooks…

…AND a LOT of possibilities because these appear to be ebooks just like those you see everywhere
online and that anyone can get rights to.

At the moment (and this WILL change) most PLR producers are NOT putting any sort of license
restrictions on turning their PLR ebooks into apps…

But they might do soon.

So this guy is making almost $350,000 passive income from these little Android apps…

Obviously I’m jumping on the bandwagon because it’s a REALLY under-exploited market.

And I thought you should be aware of this too.

THIS is why you open my emails Guys (and thanks for doing so) because I DELIVER when it comes to what’s really going on in IM…

…and how many marketers can REALLY say that?

Try the strategy yourself, or if you’re looking for a bit of a shortcut check out the section below…


This case study goes to show that there are so many ways to make money with PLR.

If you are interested in applying this strategy to generate an additional income stream, you can use this drag-and-drop software to create an app in minutes from books you’ve written or bought PLR to:

Instant Apps (click here to access the software)


Now, in return for getting his permission to post this case study, I’ve provided a link to Tony’s monthly private newsletter.

Click here to check it out.

I highly recommend you check it out because his newsletters not only contain one of the best internet marketing advice, but are fun to read.

Here is the link again to Tony’s monthly newsletter registration page:


Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

2 responses on “PLR Case Study: $350k In PASSIVE Income

  1. Nate says:

    That is an interesting concept…turning PLR into apps. I see he did it on Android…what about iOS? Or is Apple more “stringent” on what’s added to the store? I’m intrigued – may have to try this out.

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