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PLR strategy I got from an adswap partner

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This is a strategy I noticed one of my adswap partners using recently.

This strategy works if the product you bought PLR to allows you to give all or part of the product for free and also allows you to resell PLR (or any type of resell rights) to that product.

So this is how the strategy works…

You offer your product for free without any resell rights on your squeeze page.

You can even mention on your squeeze page that PLR (or Resell Rights) is available. This will increase the number of people that opt in to your list.

Immediately after opting in, present the subscriber with an upsell offer to purchase PLR (or resell rights).

You can also present that upsell offer on the download page.

If you are offering a free video, you can email them a link which directs them to your website where they can watch that free video directly. Underneath that video, you can present the upsell offer.

This way, if after watching the free video they like it, they can decide to buy the PLR on that same page.

So what you are accomplishing with this strategy is that you are building your list and making money at the same time.

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

4 responses on “PLR strategy I got from an adswap partner

  1. Hello Francis,
    The idea to give a freebie for optin and to offer paid PLR on the thank you page or in a follow up mail is great. Personally I purchased several times PLR that way. Getting products for free makes good feelings, so the prospect is very likely willing to open his wallet …. if the product is of good quality and stands a little bit out of the crowd.

    All the best

  2. I’ve seen this technique used as well. One thing that I don’t like is when the email talks about the extra rights without mentioning that they will cost extra. It is a bit of a letdown when you find the extra rights aren’t free.

    Another place you can “upsell” is at the end of the product itself. That way, the user can see if the product is worth it before deciding to buy.

    You could also put the upsell in your AR sequence a day or 2 down the road when you ask them how they liked the product.

  3. James Hobbs says:

    Hi Francis, this is a great idea, and really makes sense… I am wondering what the 3 step could be, ie
    1) buy product
    2) OTO buy PLR to it
    3) OTO buy ?

    or could 2 be MRR and 3 PLR?
    been wondering what could be the bridge between the PLR which I think is more valuable and therefore should be number 3… hoping others will share thoughts… keep up the great work Francis! Thank you for all you do.

    • francis says:

      Hi James, I like to keep it simple and prefer to just use 2 steps (offering PLR in the 2nd step). But there is no one strategy that is the best. Your idea is a good one too and I agree, if you were to offer 3 steps, offer resell rights or MRR in the 2nd step and then offer PLR in the 3rd step.

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