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The PLR postcard strategy

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Here is a strategy that very few internet marketers are doing…

(I know of at least one person making six figures per year doing this)

They purchase high quality PLR products and then drive traffic to the sales page by mailing out postcards to a targeted mailing list (which you can buy from NextMark).

As it turns out, the response rate from the offline crowd is higher than that of the online crowd.

One of the reasons for this is less competition.

Just imagine trying to market your product online and all the marketers trying to sell the same (or similar) product as yours.

If you would like to try out this ‘postcard’ strategy, here are some tips:

Tip #1: Pick a market where there are desperate buyers willing to spend money on your information (ie- weight loss, make money, etc.).

A great site you can go to do this research is NextMark. It is the best resource I know of where you can research the offline market.

This is also where you will purchase your targeted mailing lists.

Tip #2: Drive traffic first to a squeeze page where you offer a free related product.

There are plenty of products you can get for free that come with give away rights or PLR. It should be no problem for you to find these products. (Chances are, you already have them sitting on your hard drive)

You will also be building a responsive list in the process.

Tip #3: The main product you are selling should be a high quality one that you can sell for $27 to $97. It is important to maximize your revenues in order to cover the costs of your mail campaign.

You can even offer a 7 day trial at $1.

Tip #4: You can either offer your main product in the One Time Offer or in your autoresponder follow up sequence. For the offline crowd, it is better to develop a relationship first so I recommend you write a few follow up emails and promote your offer in these emails.

Tip #5: The postcard does not have to be pretty. In fact, the uglier the better. The important thing here is to use a compelling headline in large font that will grab their attention along with a call to action (to visit your website). An example could be, “Lose weight for the summer! Grab your free diet book at” You should also add urgency by saying something like, “Only 50 copies available. Act today!”

Tip #6: You can get your postcards made at PostcardBuilder. For someone starting out, I would recommend this option because they print and mail out the postcard for you.

After some experience, you should start using a local printer because they are cheaper than online services.

Tip #7: Test! This is an option but if you really want to maximize your revenues, I recommend you test your offer.

For example, you can test your trial offers (between $1 and $15) or your price points (ie- $27, $37, $47, $57, $67, $97).

Tip #8: Start small and scale up. Try to purchase the smallest mailing list possible at (expect to spend about $400 in list rental, postal charges, and other costs for your first campaign). Don’t be afraid to negotiate. If your campaign is profitable, you can then purchase larger mailing lists.

Eventually, you can add more products to the same market or enter other markets so you can create multiple income streams.

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

7 responses on “The PLR postcard strategy

  1. i care for this blog. i have told my pal harry about it because he cares for this kind of information too!

  2. Leonco says:

    Francis, while this tip is not so newbie friendly where costs are concerned, it’s a refreshing departure from the useless bunk being offered by so many online list owners.


  3. Johnny Smith says:

    Exceptionally educational thanks, I reckon your trusty visitors might want significantly more stories similar to this carry on the good hard work.

    • francis says:

      Thanks Johnny. My son keeps me busy so when I do have the time, I’m always trying to squeeze in a helpful article such as this.

  4. SP says:

    Its amazing to use plr on postcard! Francis nice work! It’s really open up more ideas!

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