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Thinking of selling PLR on Kindle?

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Somebody told me the other day that they planned on selling their PLR on Amazon Kindle.

Selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle is a great way to generate income on autopilot (there are people making 6 figures+ on Kindle) and it’s a good way to build a buyer’s list.

The great thing about selling on Kindle is that Amazon does all the advertising for you and brings in heavy traffic.


Amazon does not like PLR (you can get your account closed if you use PLR) because of complaints from customers in the past who have bought duplicate ebooks under different titles.

So, I suggest you use PLR mainly for research and add your own words if you plan on selling on Kindle.

If you plan on selling a book on a topic you’re not familiar with, I highly recommend you hire a ghost writer (you can find one at and that is an expert on that topic.

Besides, if you have bad content, you just won’t make as much money because people will leave negative reviews.

Having great content and great reviews will help boost your sales.

Other ways to boost your sales are:

—-Do keyword research and place popular keywords in your title.

—-Write a good description for your ebook.

—-Create an eye catching Kindle cover (you can get one done for cheap at

—-Give away some free copies so you can collect positive reviews which will then help increase your sales.

—-Make sure your content is easy to read.

I hope that helps…

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco

3 responses on “Thinking of selling PLR on Kindle?

  1. Cal Wallace says:

    Hey Francis.

    That’s good advice. You’ve taught me a few things which will come in handy – quite soon I hope.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Good advise on rewriting or just using it for research. Amazon is getting very strict about that from what I’ve been hearing. They’ve been cracking down on public domain stuff too. There needs to be something substantially different about the book from other editions.

    As for the advertising, I’ve only got one book on Kindle right now and I’ve found that they don’t really do all that much for you unless you’ve got some sales and reviews. I just did a 2 day free promotion and hit #1 and #2 in the free listings for the categories my book is in. Since there were only 5 and 13 books in the free lists at the time I don’t know if that is really significant.

    Hopefully this will bring in some sales in the next few weeks. But it seems that you really have to promote the book yourself, at least at first. Amazon’s algorithm seems to be “push what’s selling” which makes sense for them.

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