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Tip: Sell Resell Rights at a low price and then offer PLR at a higher price in your upsell offer

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I’ve always been aware of this strategy but never knew how effective it can be when used in the right situation.

I just noticed Liz Tomey doing this strategy on one of her recent offers (you can see it here).

I bought resell rights to her product for $5 and then was offered with an upsell to buy PLR for $17 (which I also bought).

If you plan to apply this strategy to a product you bought PLR to, make sure the license allows you to resell PLR.

There are several products I’ve purchased PLR to that allows me to resell the PLR so I’m going to be using this strategy sometime in the near future.

Amazingly, Liz sold over 2000 units of her product in 24 hours.

Now, I don’t expect you to replicate her results but if you are interested in pulling in huge numbers like her, here is a quick list of factors that contributed to her product’s success:

-Her credibility for putting out good products.

-The product was on a hot topic that attracts passionate buyers.

-The product itself is excellent and is worth hundreds of dollars.

-She totally underpriced her product.

-She used a dimesale format (price increased as more people bought) which created urgency.

-She offered 100% commission on the front end and thus attracted a ton of affiliates to promote her offer.

-She listed her product in the Warrior Forum where there are thousands of hungry buyers.

Aside from making a lot of sales, Liz also ended up adding thousands of people to her list.

And that is another benefit of pricing your products real low my friend.

Until next time…

Love and Peace,
Francis Ochoco

2 responses on “Tip: Sell Resell Rights at a low price and then offer PLR at a higher price in your upsell offer

  1. Ken Damon says:


    Does Liz have a great affiliate program? What I have learned recently is a good affiliate program can make an even so so product quite profitable. I would really enjoy reading your thoughts on this.

    Thank You,

    • francis says:

      Hi Ken, Liz’ affiliate program is just like most marketers. On some of her products, she uses the RAP script which I use myself on some of my products. I only started promoting her products recently though and the ones I’ve been promoting are the ones she’s listed in the Warrior Forum (I think they use the RAP script too). So there is nothing great about her affiliate program. I would say its her products’ quality and her credibility that is contributing to her success. I don’t know if a great affiliate program can make a so so product profitable. If a product doesn’t convert, you’re not going to attract too many affiliates.

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