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12 October 2016
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This is the second piece of software I’ve found today that can help you
earn an additional passive income stream:


We all know that software is the most lucrative type of info product

And now you can create your own software store (that is already stocked
with 4 best-selling software products) in 60 seconds.

So when friends and family ask you what your business is about, you can say
that you are in the software business.

But what I think is cooler is the passive income that will come from this
software store.

You can also add other software products that you have rights to with just
1 click.

There are over 70 software products with rights that you can find on my
Software PLR Listings page at:


Another interesting this about the software store you’re getting is that
it allows you to sell high-ticket services (that you can outsource).

Peace and Love,
Francis Ochoco
Home Business Expert
*Awarded the first ever ‘eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year’ award


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